A Culinary Journey Above the Clouds

A Culinary Journey Above the Clouds: Restaurant Week at The Watch 

As the calendar turns to January, Charleston’s culinary scene blossoms with the much-anticipated Restaurant Week, a gastronomic celebration that tantalizes taste buds across the city. From January 11 to 21, The Watch, perched atop The Restoration Hotel, is not just a dining destination but a culinary adventure waiting to unfold.   

First Impressions: A Menu that Whispers Charm and Sophistication 

The Watch, known for its breathtaking views and exquisite dining, presents a first-course selection that is a symphony of flavors and textures. Each dish is crafted to tell a story, to evoke a memory, or to create a new one. 

Tomato & Basil Soup: A classic reimagined with char-roasted tomatoes and a silky garlic cream, garnished with herbed croutons and shredded provolone. Each spoonful is a warm embrace, a reminder of the simple pleasures in life. 

Apple & Goat Cheese Salad: A delightful dance of arugula, crisp apples, creamy goat cheese, and pickled onions. The addition of walnuts, dried cherries, and a drizzle of balsamic vinaigrette transforms each bite into a celebration of textures and flavors. 

The Watch Wings: Choose between sweet chili glaze or hot honey buffalo – both are a testament to the chef’s mastery of flavor. Garnished with scallions and sesame seeds, these wings promise a journey of taste sensations. 

Cheeseburger Sliders: A gourmet twist on a classic, featuring a short rib and brisket blend, bacon & onion jam, Swiss cheese, pickles, and roasted garlic aioli. It’s comfort food elevated to an art form. 

Shrimp Roll: Citrus poached shrimp are the stars here, accompanied by tarragon and champagne vinegar aioli, chives, and nestled in a brioche split top bun. Served with mixed greens, it’s a dish that sings of the sea. 

Spicy Fried Chicken Sandwich: A bold choice for the daring diner. Habanero buttermilk battered fried chicken thigh, paired with dill pickles and Alabama white sauce, all on a brioche bun. It’s a fusion of heat, flavor, and texture. 

The Watch Burger: A masterpiece of two 4oz patties, a blend of short rib and brisket, layered with American cheese, lettuce, red onions, the signature Watch sauce, and pickles. Served with fries, it’s a testament to the burger’s timeless appeal. 

Chicken Paillard Salad: For those seeking a lighter but equally flavorful option. Grilled marinated chicken atop mixed greens and baby kale, with black beans, corn, tomatoes, and tortilla strips, all brought together by a Parmesan vinaigrette. 

Second Course: A Culinary Crescendo

The two-course meal, priced at an irresistible $23, is not just a meal; it’s an experience, a journey of culinary discovery. The Watch, with its panoramic views of Charleston and a menu that is both a nod to tradition and a wink to innovation, offers a dining experience like no other. 

An Invitation to Indulge 

Restaurant Week at The Watch is more than an event; it’s a celebration of flavors, a gathering of friends old and new, and an opportunity to make memories against the backdrop of one of Charleston’s most iconic views. It’s an invitation to indulge, to savor, and to fall in love with Charleston’s culinary magic all over again. 

Join us at The Watch, where every dish is a story, every flavor an adventure, and every meal a memory in the making. See you at the top!